Esther Mo

Head instructor Esther Mo is a lifelong practitioner of body-mind-energy exercises rooted in traditional Chinese and Eastern wisdom. She holds a Master of Science degree from New York University and a bachelor's degree from Beijing Sports University.

She offers classes and individual training in Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, meditation, singing, swimming, and weight loss, as well as single and multi day retreats with various focuses. Her beginner Tai Chi class focuses on Tai Chi Foundations and the Chen Style Taichi 18 part essential form.

Since the age of 5, Esther has devoted herself to the study of classical Chinese arts. Esther has studied with the highest level masters in these fields and is the lineage holder of two traditional schools of internal cultivation practices. She trained Chen style Tai Chi intensely with a 12th generation lineage holder, studying the old form I, II and the competition 56 part form, from the age of 15 years old. She currently practices the Taoist Wudang Taichi Mother form and many other holistic Qigong practices dating back 2000 years from 四川峨眉隐仙派 Master Zhongxian Wu. 

She has also been recognized for the following achievements:

In her individualized sessions, Esther approaches holistic well-being in an authentic way, addressing areas such as sleep, exercise, food, and relationships. Book now, commit to the practice, and see results!