One of a kind - life changing China personalized retreat/tour 


Early June 2025  - Shanghai, eastern China tour

Sightseeing, authentic Taichi practice and Eastern China spiritual scared Mountain experiences 

( ex: Tian Tai mountain in Taizhou, Zhejiang/Mo Gan Mountain in Hangzhou, the capital city in Zhejiang)


Late June 2025  -  Mt Kailash, Tibet 

Scared walk and powerful healing rituals with advanced Daoist and Buddhist practitioners in a spiritually significant location


July 2025  -  Zhong Nan mountain,  Xi’an, China

Visit Sages in this scared area, densely populated with spiritual practitioners. Share their powerful Daoist teachings like Talismans in calligraphy and Qigong training. 


August 2025  -  Wudang mountains, Hubei, China

The place where many ancient Chinese Kung Fu styles originated. 

Meet various Daoist martial artists in real life and experience a healing adventure with proper guidance and supervision.

We welcome people from all backgrounds.

Great opportunities for anyone who would enjoy deep local China experiences and a transformative trip with competitive costs.

1-8 week retreat options (customized for you; food, transportation, training, accommodations can all be arranged)

Available dates between 5.28-9.12 2024


$2500-$16,500 depending on the length and requirements, potentially everything except flights and personal expenses

Contact Esther today by email or call 9176804066 for details and start to design your specific trip with ease!